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About me

Spare time


When I am not at University studying or working, chances are you will find me doing one of three things:

Programming for fun

I enjoy solving day-to-day problems: whether it is a small shell script to make my life a bit easier or a nice HTML5 app for my smartphone, there is always an itch to scratch.


I like cooking, and I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. I tend to be unhappy with the quality of ready-made meals and most Mensa food, so I have become quite proficient at throwing together a tasty dinner in 10 minutes. New kitchen appliances make me happy, so does shopping for blends of spices.


Sports are an important part of my life, as they complement my mostly sedentary life as a developer and student. My main sport is CrossFit and I train with the great folks at CrossFit Rhein-Neckar.

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