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Curriculum Vitae

This is my CV in short form. For a detailed list of what past projects and skills acquired, see the projects and experience pages.


Name Michael Haas

Date of birth 1987-04-29, 66386 St. Ingbert, Germany

Nationality German

Languages German, English


1997-2007 Secondary School: Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium, 66386 St. Ingbert, Graduation with general qualification for university entrance. Final Grade: 2.0

2007-2009 Computational Linguistics (B.Sc.), Saarland University

2009-2011 Theoretical and Applied Computational Linguistics (B.A.), Heidelberg University

2011 Graduation from Heidelberg University with Bachelor of Arts in Computational Linguistics. Final Grade: 1.5 ("Very Good")

Since 2012 Started M.A. studies in Computational Linguistics, Heidelberg University


2008-2010 Research Assistant in the Language Technology Lab at the German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence, Saarbrücken, in the EU project MUSING

Summer term 2010 Teaching assistant “Algorithms & Data Structures”

2010-2011 Freelance work: Firefox extensions, Web development, client-side processing of geographical data in the browser

Since 2011 Research Assistant in the Service Center for Research Data at the Mannheim University: handling of data processing for scientific projects, Information Extraction

Since 2011 IT services: Development of solutions for communication and data entry, web development for desktop and mobile, web administration, support

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